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Byron F

I recently had a case with Ciment law firm, and the stress they alleviated for me has done wonders. My case was dismissed. I had minimal contact with them, which shows I could trust them to work on the job. Rest assured, they reached out to me when was needed, and I definitely received a response when I asked for the status of the case to follow up on other details. I was given all the contact information immediately and any changes to that information if that occurred. I researched for the right fit, and this firm came on the top of the search list. I called a representative for a consultation, which was free by the way we talked for a while, and they answered every question that I had and more. The fee for representation and this law firm having my back was is worth it, especially against dishonest debt collectors. They went to bat for me, and my case was dismissed saved me over 3000+ and a mountain of stress. Thanks again.