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Bank Garnishment Defense Lawyer In Texas

You can’t help but feel a bit more relaxed when your paycheck is deposited in the bank. Once it clears, you know you can pay your bills and buy the essentials your household needs. That’s why going through a bank garnishment is so terrifying. Suddenly, you cannot access the money that you need to survive. It’s important to understand that you can contest a bank garnishment, even if you think you owe the money. First, hire a bank garnishment DEFENSE lawyer in Texas. Once you have a lawyer by your side, you can begin to mount a defense to contest the judgment and regain access to the money in your account.

The Process for Garnishing Bank Accounts in Texas

If a creditor wants to obtain a writ of garnishment against you, it will begin by filing a lawsuit against your bank. You might not be notified of the suit until after your accounts have been frozen. The process is as follows:

  • The judgment creditor files the writ of garnishment against your bank.
  • The bank is served with the writ of garnishment.
  • It freezes enough funds to cover the judgment.
  • The bank reviews the legal documents and determines what funds are eligible for seizure.
  • If the garnishment is uncontested, the creditor receives the funds.

Creditors hope that consumers do not exercise their legal rights. They want consumers to accept the writ of garnishment, even if there are errors. A bank garnishment DEFENSE lawyer in Texas, can contest the judgment and attempt to get a reversal. This is often successful. In fact, the Ciment Law Firm has reversed tens of thousands of dollars of garnishments.

Contesting a Bank Garnishment in Texas

Your Texas, bank garnishment DEFENSE lawyer will pour over the details of your case, analyzing each document to find errors. If the creditor made any mistakes when filing for a writ of garnishment, your lawyer could take steps to get the order reversed. You also might be eligible for a reversal based on the statute of limitations. Your legal options also include protecting money in a joint or business bank account. This is not an exhaustive list of legal strategies your bank garnishment attorney can use.

Funds Not Eligible for Bank Garnishments

When your account is frozen, the bank and your bank garnishment DEFENSE lawyer in Texas, will review your deposits to see what is and isn’t protected. Creditors cannot receive funds from unemployment, retirement, or insurance policy proceeds. You also must retain access to at least two months of social security payments, if applicable.

How to Resolve Debt Without a Bank Garnishment

Bank garnishment is often one of the last courses of action creditors take to resolve the debt. The Ciment Law Firm in Texas, specializes in other ways to resolve the debt. You might be eligible for the debt reduction or debt assistance program at the Ciment Law Firm. Bankruptcy protection can also help you overcome your debt while still having enough money to take care of your household.

Contact Our bank garnishment DEFENSE lawyer in Texas, Today

Bank garnishments are very serious. If you fail to contest the order, you might go months without access to your account. Protect your legal rights with the help of a Texas, bank garnishment DEFENSE lawyer. Schedule a consultation by calling 833-686-4344.

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Some debtors choose to ignore a debt collection lawsuit. They don’t feel they have a legal defense, so they don’t respond to the lawsuit. If you don’t respond to the lawsuit, the creditor will not be challenged in court. That means the court might enter a default judgment against you, even if the paperwork contains errors. Hire a debt lawsuit defense lawyer in Texas to defend your case instead.

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