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Debt Assistance Lawyer In Texas

Debt is more than a financial burden. It’s overwhelming, and it can take over your life. You worry about making ends meet while also handling your debt, and it seems impossible. While you can’t afford to repay all of your debt right now, you also know that ignoring it can make the problem worse. You don’t want to end up in court, so you need to find a solution. The Ciment Law Firm’s Debt Assistance Program can help you get back on sound financial footing. Daniel Ciment began his legal career at a debt collection law firm, so he understands how to help his clients. He will handle all communications with creditors and make sure theys follow the law when attempting to collect debts. If they have broken any laws, he will hold them accountable and protect your rights.. If you want to alleviate the stress and finally move beyond your debt, reach out to a debt assistance lawyer in Texas, today.

Debt Lawsuit Defense

Features of the Debt Assistance Program

The Debt Assistance Program was created for people who cannot pay their debts in full right now but want to satisfy their obligations and get out of debt. If you sign up for the program, the Ciment Law firm will:

  • Handle all communications with your creditors
  • Analyze your accounts to ensure your creditors are following the law
  • Help you get out of debt without filing for bankruptcy

Let the Ciment Law Firm Deal With Your Creditors

While there’s nothing enjoyable about being in debt, dealing with creditors might be the most challenging aspect. Avoiding the calls and letters makes the situation worse, but you aren’t sure how to handle it. A lawyer at the Ciment Law Firm will become the contact person for your creditors when you sign up for the Debt Assistance Program. The Texas, debt assistance lawyer won’t stop at fielding phone calls, though. As part of the program, your attorney will also make sure that the collectors comply with all debt collection laws.

The Debt Assistance Program Is an Alternative to Bankruptcy

If you’re stressed about debt, you might be considering filing for bankruptcy. You aren’t sure if you can handle the severe credit damage that comes with personal bankruptcy protection, though. You also don’t know how you feel about the potential invasion of privacy. Bankruptcy filings are public records, so anyone can find out if you’ve filed. You can avoid embarrassment and credit damage with help from a debt assistance lawyer in Texas.

Hold Creditors Accountable If They Break the Law

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was created to protect consumers. The act governs the way that debt collectors can interact with consumers. For example, creditors cannot use abusive language or threaten action they cannot take. Creditors also cannot call you repeatedly, misrepresent the amount you owe, or illegally inform someone else about your debt. These are just some of the violations that the Ciment Law Firm will look for if you’re part of the Debt Assistance Program. If a creditor has violated the act, the Ciment Law Firm can take action on your behalf. Creditors must pay up to $1,000 per violation, so you need to hold debt collections accountable.

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Inaction Can Lead To Judgment Against You

Some debtors choose to ignore a debt collection lawsuit. They don’t feel they have a legal defense, so they don’t respond to the lawsuit. If you don’t respond to the lawsuit, the creditor will not be challenged in court. That means the court might enter a default judgment against you, even if the paperwork contains errors. Hire a debt lawsuit defense lawyer in Texas to defend your case instead.

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