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Student Loan Assistance Lawyer In Dallas, TX

You knew you needed a college education to get a well-paying job. You also knew that taking out student loans is part of the process. At the time, it didn’t seem like a big deal. Paying the loans back would be a breeze after you graduated and started earning a nice income. However, the debt has added up, and repaying it is a financial burden. The burden might be so significant that you’re even missing payments. If you need to take control of your debt, it’s time to call a student loan assistance lawyer in Dallas, TX. Find out how an attorney from the Ciment Law Firm can help you.

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Options To Get Out Of Default

You have options you can use to get your student loans out of default. While paying in full is one such option, it’s unlikely you have the funds to do that. Instead, you will need to choose between loan rehabilitation or consolidation. Loan rehabilitation gives you the option to have the default removed from your credit report after making nine income-based payments over a 10-month period.

Debt consolidation allows you to combine all of your loans into one affordable monthly payment. It can get you out of default, but the default will remain on your credit report. You only get to apply for each one once, and there are benefits and drawbacks for both. It’s wise to discuss both options with a Dallas, TX, student loan assistance lawyer.


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Bankruptcy And Student Loans

While it is possible to discharge student loan debt through consumer bankruptcy, it’s highly unlikely. Student loan debt isn’t eligible for discharge unless paying the loans causes undue hardship. You have to show that paying your student loans prevents you from maintaining a minimal standard of living. This problem will persist for at least most of the life of the loan, and you have done your best to repay your financial obligation.

Don’t worry if you don’t meet these demands. Your Dallas, TX, student loan assistance lawyer can go over your other options to take control of your debt.


Settling Private Student Loan Debt

Defaulting on private student debt isn’t the same as getting behind on federal debt. The federal government can garnish your wages without going to court, but the same isn’t true for private lenders. Because of that, private lenders engage in aggressive collection techniques to receive payment. A student loan assistance lawyer in Dallas, TX, can contact your lenders for you. The attorney can propose a settlement and negotiate on your behalf. It’s possible to settle your debt for much less than you owe.


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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by student loan debt. Fortunately, the Ciment Law Firm is here to help. Learn your options by calling 833-637-1075 to speak to a student loan assistance lawyer in Dallas, TX.


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Protected Funds

Cloud Title On Homestead

You must have a clear title when refinancing or selling a home, which is why an abstract of judgment is problematic. The judgment lien creates a title defect or a cloud on the title. This means that there is an unresolved issue that must be addressed before making any real estate transactions. Title companies enforce the lien as a way to protect themselves in case the home isn’t eligible for homestead exemption because it’s not your primary residence. If a title company allows the transaction to proceed and the property isn’t your homestead, it has to pay the judgment. Fortunately, a Texas judgment lien release lawyer can remedy this issue.


Getting A Full Release

In some instances, you have to get a full judgment lien release. This completely releases the judgment, so it isn’t attached to you or your property. There are normally two options for obtaining a full release. First, you can pay the judgment in full. If you don’t have the means to do that, your Texas judgment lien release attorney might be able to negotiate a settlement. If the creditor accepts the settlement, you will receive a full release once it’s paid. Without taking action, the judgment will remain valid for 10 years. It’s important to contact a judgment lien release attorney to go over your options if you need a full release.


Proof Of Homestead

Judgment creditors often require proof of homestead before signing a partial lien release. Your Texas judgment lien release attorney will help you provide the necessary documents. You might need to submit an affidavit that states that the property is your homestead. The creditor also might require a tax certificate that proves you’ve filed for homestead exemption. In addition, the creditor might ask for affidavits from others that state that the property is your homestead, and you live there. In some cases, the creditor can even require the escrow agent to examine the property to ensure it’s your homestead. Due to the complexity of proving homestead, it’s a good idea to get help from a Texas judgment lien release attorney.

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