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i need help with resolving a judgment

Many people think that once the court hands out a judgment, the case is closed. There’s nothing you can do, so you have to live with the consequences of the court’s decision. Texans who have used Ciment Law Firm to resolve judgments will be quick to tell you that’s not necessarily true. While the process is not as straightforward as settling debts before the judgment, you still have options. It’s wise to act quickly before you end up with a frozen bank account, a cloud on your home’s title, or more. Contact Ciment Law Firm immediately to discuss your legal options for resolving your judgment.


Strategies For Resolving Judgments In Texas

Ciment Law Firm customizes legal strategies based on the clients’ needs and evidence. If you have cash available and want to protect your assets, settling the debt might be the best option. Ciment Law Firm can negotiate with the judgment creditor so that you can pay a manageable settlement.

If the judgment isn’t valid or the creditor is no longer in business, your attorney might recommend that you go to court. Ciment Law Firm will present evidence to have the judgment invalidated. In some cases, filing for bankruptcy is the right choice. This is an option when you cannot settle with the creditor and you are behind on other debts. Bankruptcy can give you a fresh start so you can rebuild your finances and your credit.

Get Your Options For Resolving A Judgment

These are just some options for resolving a judgment in Texas. Find out what choice is right for you by scheduling a free consultation with Ciment Law Firm. Call 833-637-1075 to set up your consultation.

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