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Do you feel like you’re in debt past your eyeballs with credit cards? Are you, in fact, being sued by one or more credit card companies? If so, you may be wondering how to win a credit card lawsuit. Is there actually a way? The answer is yes, but you need credit card lawsuit defense attorneys that are learned in their profession and experienced with creditors and the courts.

Are You One of the Many Debtors in America?

Credit card debt anxiety plagues millions of Americans every day. It can cause major worry, it’s exhausting, and it is stressful. In fact, encounters with debt collectors have been reported by in excess of 70 million Americans. They plague you at home, they call you at work – they have no scruples or conscience. You may, in fact, even be subject to a credit card lawsuit if they can’t successfully reach you for settlements.

You need debt protection!

Fortunately, there are defenses to credit card lawsuit cases. For advice on how to beat Discover card in court – or other credit card companies, you may owe money to – read on.

Beating Debt Collectors at Their Own Game

The intimidation you may be facing from debt collectors is unlike any other. Your best bet is to hire legal representation. The following are the steps that you – and/or your lawyer – need to take to confront and win a credit card lawsuit:

  • The lawsuit must be responded to in a timely manner. Do not let this go unattended! Time could be of the essence. If you fail to respond in a specified amount of time, you will lose your case.
  • To prove their case, the debt collector will be forced to offer evidence, paperwork, and more as long as you don’t immediately cave into their requests. Make sure their case is unequivocally proven by their representatives.
  • As a defense, consider using the statute of limitations. The credit card company may have waited too long to file its lawsuit! They lose their right to sue if this happens. According to the state in which you live, this statute of limitations can vary. From the day of your last account payment, the clock starts ticking.
  • A Motion to Compel Arbitration can then be filed. If it’s too intimidating to think about facing a jury and a judge, this may be a possibility. Arbitration, a form of dispute resolution can be an alternative option to resolving a debt collection case in a court of law.
  • A settlement offer can hopefully be negotiated so that both parties walk away winners.

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Are You the Victim of a Credit Card Lawsuit? Confer with The Debt Defenders by Ciment Law Firm, PLLC

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