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It’s important to know how to get rid of a judgment lien as a homeowner. Bankruptcy would, of course, be one option, but there are more. Hiring a debt resolution lawyer could well be in your best interest.

Before we can answer the question of how to remove a judgment lien from your house, however, you should understand exactly what is meant by a “judgment lien.” Here, we’ll look at judgment liens and some of the options available to those wishing to rid themselves of the problem.

Judgment Liens – What are They?

Let’s say you owe money on a debt. Someone else may actually have the right to keep your property until you pay off that debt if they have a “lien.” Even without your consent, a judgment lien attaches to your property if a monetary lawsuit is lost by you. In that case, a judgment is recorded against your property by the winner of the lawsuit.

Because they’re a good way to get debts paid off, judgment liens are favorites among many creditors. A judgment against you would have to first be obtained by the creditor. As proof of their entitlement to the lien, they would then attach the judgment.

Judgment Lien Removal

There are a few ways to get a judgment lien removed from your home:

  • Ignore the problem – If the property you own is less than $3000 worth or you don’t really possess any true property, you may choose to ignore the judgment.
  • Pay your debt – Once you decide to pay off the debt, the judgment lien can and will be released by your creditors. They just want their money. Of course, with the appropriate recording authority, they will need to file the release. You can do as you please with your property once you’re released from the lien.
  • Request a judgment lien removal from the court – You may decide to request a judgment lien removal from the court system. Once your request is received, they will examine whether or not your case fits the criteria for removal. This will be largely dependent on the nature of the under-lien property.
  • File bankruptcy – In bankruptcy court, removal of the judgment lien can be executed under federal law if you file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7. This should be looked at, however, as a last resort. You may also hear this referred to as “lien avoidance.” This is, more or less, a fast-tracking method for a lien removal request because Chapter 7 includes judgment lien avoidance under the bankruptcy act.

What’s the best way to find out how to remove a judgment lien from your house? Here’s your answer to a successful judgment release lien:

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